Skin checks

Knowledge is a big part of a success in any field and this includes personal health. Knowledge about various skin conditions is an integral part of the success in running our skin assessment program..

The main focus of this assessment is to detect:

1 Skin Sun damage

2 Non pigmented lesions (pre cancerous, and skin cancers)

3 Pigmented lesions (including melanomas)

The examination is conducted on site in the privacy of the protected office space.

Patients will be informed immediately about the findings and if necessary referred to their local doctor for the follow up.

As part of this program we have also introduced a thirty-minute introductory “Sun and Skin” seminar. The aim of this seminar is to familiarise participants with the complexities of skin examination and skin care. The aim of the seminar is to emphasise  the need for regular skin self examination and and annual medical assessment.